Ready for the Taper!

I can’t believe we’re already through all the long training runs and we’re into the taper! Last weekend was the 22-mile run from Washington Park and now we’ll taper the next three weeks until the Flying Pig Marathon. Could not have gotten this far without this amazing group. 🙂

2018 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon

The 2018 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon was last weekend. After 18 weeks of training, including a few half marathons, and the very anxious week before, it’s all over. It’s a weird feeling- I feel so accomplished but also sort of sad that it’s over.

2018 Hudepohl 14K Brewery Run

I had a great race at the 2018 Hudepohl 14K Brewery Run last weekend! It was my first 14k, so no matter what my time was it was going to be my PR. That said, I was very happy (can you tell?) with my time. 🙂