Crockpot Green Chile Chicken Chili

Early this week I was looking for a salad recipe to use some poppyseed dressing that I had in the cupboard. I found this Autumn Chopped Salad and then naturally perused the rest of Alyssa’s recipes. Her Green Chili Enchilada Soup caught my eye! But, I don’t really like soup, so I modified it to…

Merry Christmas 2018

Wanted to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas! I appreciate all your support this past year. I started this blog to document the renovation of the Shoreview House, but it quickly morphed into me just wanting to ramble about everything. Then we announced we were moving Cincinnati and it turned into a way for…

Three Days in Napa

After completing the Napa Half Marathon, we stayed in Napa a few more days to explore the vineyards and enjoy several wine tastings. Three days in Napa is the perfect amount of time to explore several spots without ruining your liver or wallet.

2018 Fifty Fest

Last Saturday Nolan and I walked down to Fifty West for their 2018 Fifty Fest, featuring local beer, food and bands. We bumped into a few people we knew, watched some people dance, and surprisingly remembered to bring can coozies to keep our beer cold in the 80 degree weather!

Mid-Marathon Training Update

Good morning! Instead of trying to cram a running update into my Currently: August post or bombarding you with bi-weekly running updates, like I did for the Nashville Marathon, I thought I’d do a little update now. And if you can relate to¬†this someecard¬†because you’re a runner- read on! If you relate because I find…

Crispy Smoky Potato Salad

Guys! This crispy smoky potato salad was tossed together without really following a recipe and it turned out amazing! I have to share because 1, you’ll love it and 2, I want to remember what I did so I can recreate it again.