Three Days in Napa

After completing the Napa Half Marathon, we stayed in Napa a few more days to explore the vineyards and enjoy several wine tastings. Three days in Napa is the perfect amount of time to explore several spots without ruining your liver or wallet.

Weekend in Nashville

Another reason I was drawn to the Nashville Marathon was that it was on Saturday, instead of Sunday, like most marathons. This allowed us to plan fun stuff for the rest of the weekend in Nashville.

Skiing in Winter Park

I didn’t have any posts last week because I was skiing in Winter Park! I’ve been there skiing several times, but I’ve never written a post about it. So today, I’m sharing all about Winter Park Resort, Black Tie Ski Rentals and where to eat in Winter Park.

Vegas in December

Last December turned out to be a really busy month; I didn’t even publish my currently post until December 20th! Between painting our kitchen cabinets, the master bathroom remodel, getting ready for half of our house to be skim coated, and hosting Christmas we also went to Vegas in December!

A Week at Sandals in Grenada

One of the benefits of having a wedding anniversary in February is having a good reason to go on vacation. Last year we didn’t escape the cold by going to Duluth (although they did have record high temperatures that month) but this year we visited Sandals in Grenada with my mom and Scott.

Girls Weekend in South Beach

For one weekend, my mom, sister, and twin nieces escaped to Miami for some sun, good food, and general family mischief. My sister and I have gone a few girl trips, including New York City, and we’re already planning what’ll be next.