Exploring Montmartre and Dinner at Le Poulbot

After touring the Sacré-Cœr, we walked around Montmartre before having dinner there. Montmartre is Paris’ 18th arrondissement, you can read more about the history on Wikipedia. It is worth noting that during the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century many artists worked in and around Montmartre. Their presence is…


After getting next to no sleep on the overnight flight and a quick 20 minute hotel nap, we set out for a guided tour of the Sacré-Cœur in the Montmartre area of Paris. I told you how excited I was about our France trip and I’m happy to report that it was a wonderfully magnificent…

A Weekend in Asheville

Are you tired of hearing about Asheville after the Half Marathon, Biltmore Tour, and Breweries? Well, too bad, because I have more to share! Like where we stayed, downtown Asheville and where we ate.

Asheville Breweries

Just like when we traveled to Indy for the marathon and tried out some breweries, after the Asheville Half Marathon we hit up a few Asheville breweries. There are 26 breweries in Asheville and 60 in the surrounding area! We went to four, including Green Man Brewery with its huge mosaic wall of their logo.

Three Days in Napa

After completing the Napa Half Marathon, we stayed in Napa a few more days to explore the vineyards and enjoy several wine tastings. Three days in Napa is the perfect amount of time to explore several spots without ruining your liver or wallet.

Weekend in Nashville

Another reason I was drawn to the Nashville Marathon was that it was on Saturday, instead of Sunday, like most marathons. This allowed us to plan fun stuff for the rest of the weekend in Nashville.

Skiing in Winter Park

I didn’t have any posts last week because I was skiing in Winter Park! I’ve been there skiing several times, but I’ve never written a post about it. So today, I’m sharing all about Winter Park Resort, Black Tie Ski Rentals and where to eat in Winter Park.