2018 Warrior Run

Last weekend my friend Amy came into town and I made her run the 2018 Warrior Run 5k. Coming from Minnesota, where it was 40s and raining, Amy was shocked by Cincinnati’s humid and 80s weather. Nevertheless, she powered through all 3.1 miles and finished strong!

Mid-Marathon Training Update

Good morning! Instead of trying to cram a running update into my Currently: August post or bombarding you with bi-weekly running updates, like I did for the Nashville Marathon, I thought I’d do a little update now. And if you can relate to this someecard because you’re a runner- read on! If you relate because I find…

Celebrate Every Mile Medal Holder

Completing a race, no matter what the mileage, is an always an accomplishment! I hear  and say “it was just [insert miles]” way too often! Why don’t we give ourselves more credit? That’s why when I started researching medal holders, I landed on the “Celebrate Every Mile” motto.