Hiding Things

I struggled to come up a topic to write about this week! Nothing “big” is happening right now, but I have been hiding things all around the house! In the spirit of hiding things- I had to hide my nose the other day when I ran in 10-degree weather! 🙂

The Downside to Jute Rugs

Remember back in Februrary when we got several new jute rugs? At first we loved it! It looked great, the surface was great for Sophie’s constantly running and jumping, and brought some texture into the room. Then it started to shed, and shed and shed…

Celebrate Every Mile Medal Holder

Completing a race, no matter what the mileage, is an always an accomplishment! I hear  and say “it was just [insert miles]” way too often! Why don’t we give ourselves more credit? That’s why when I started researching medal holders, I landed on the “Celebrate Every Mile” motto.

Family Canvas Prints

We got this great canvas print of us and our goddaughter Claire earlier this year. I LOVE it! But I was having problems figuring out where to hang it. We moved it around the house to several locations, but none felt “right”. Then I decided to make a “family wall” with four canvas prints of…

DIY Be Our Guest Sign

The I-could-make-that bug bit me too, but for me it was a DIY be our guest sign. With my friend’s help and mostly materials I already had, it turned out to be a pretty inexpensive art project!

DIY Blanket Ladder

I bought the plant in the corner as sort of stop-gap for that corner of our living room. I like the woven basket and the green that it brings to the space, but I was struggling with what to put on the wall above it. I decided on a blanket ladder and found lots of…