Kitchen Appliances

source We’ve officially decided against the whole-kitchen-remodel idea, in favor of smaller, incremental changes.  Notice I said smaller, not small. Four brand new appliances was not a small change, but smaller than a complete custom kitchen remodel. Relativity for the win.

House Indecisiveness

source Let’s cut to the chase; we’re staying put in our house, for now, at least. But, we do keep an eye on homes for sale in our desired location- Southwest Minneapolis. To be more specific (in order)- Linden Hills, Fulton, East Harriet or Lynnhurst neighborhoods.

Ding Dong

Doorbells are boring. I re-wrote this post several times trying to insert some creativity or humor, but no dice. So, don’t say you weren’t warned. We upgraded our hardwired doorbell for this SadoTech CXR Wireless Doorbell from Amazon. Of course this was going to leave a hole in our wonderful new hallway. As you can see we…