Currently: February 2019

I first typed February 2018, but then remember it’s 2019! Woof, how time does fly when you’re having fun!? And by fun I mean a month full of rain, rain and more rain. Seriously, we got almost 7 inches of rain in February. I never thought I’d say this, but I wished it had been…

Currently: November 2018

November was one busy month! Between the marathon weekend, reading a few books (Everybody Always and Memento Park) and Thanksgiving, we hardly had time to sit down. We did have enough time to put up our tree and some Christmas decorations and are currently planning our Europe trip.

Currently: October 2018

September and October 2018 flew by! So much so that I totally missed posting a September currently! I think that’s the first month I’ve missed since my inaugural currently post in January 2016. PS I still use those bike shoes and I never made either of those recipes again. Anyway, back to October 2018…

Currently: June 2018

Wow, what happened to June? Between two work trips, three volleyball leagues, 3 out-of-town guests, and a Luke Bryan concert, I did not make time to blog. But I’m here now!

Currently: May 2018

Even though I’m done training for the Nashville Marathon, I’m still running. The one time I wore a white tank top I got caught in a downpour. It took 2 days for my shoes to try out, but looked brand new!

Currently: March 2018

In order to write a review of March, I had to scroll through my phone’s photos. The first few weeks seem like they are ages ago! Regardless, here is a little recap of the randomness that was the month of March.