My hope is that everything emelia readers enjoy reading this blog. I’m not on a huge mission to entertain, inform, or inspire people. If I do, great! But that’s not my goal, there are so many other blogs that already do that and do it really well. I just hope you enjoy reading it enough that you come back and feel comfortable leaving a comment. And if you really enjoy the blog, you should follow me on Twitter @em_everything for one-liners and Instagram @everythingemelia for pictures of my doings, or Pinterest for my inspirations. Basically, just enjoy everything emelia, got it?

Blog Background

I started reading Young House Love back in 2013 and was so inspired that I started my own house blog in December 2013: Hate to Love the Split. At the time we had purchased my in-laws house and we were doing a lot of DIY remodeling. I posted several before/after pictures of spaces we revamped, like the master bedroom, the basement, and the main bathroom. At the same time, I started reading other blogs and realized I had a lot more to say. I began writing about everything; fitness, recipes, traveling, crafts. I love the variety and the creativity I could take with different subjects.

In August 2016 I re-branded to everything emelia to better represent my brand. I did hesitate using my name in the blog title, but then I realized that it’s the best description for it. The blog is all about me, so it makes sense.


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